This design portfolio features examples of my varied design style including:

‣ Hand illustration, painting and mixed media,

‣ Designs intended for wallpaper,

‣ Using digital manipulation to create a design,

‣ As well as an example of my design development.

Hand Illustration

A few examples of my illustration style using nature as my inspiration.

Painting & Mixed Media

Using mixed media is one of my favourite ways to apply colour.

Wallpaper Design

Examples of commercial wallpaper designs.

Digital Manipulation

I use Photoshop when I am adding digital manipulation to a design.

Design Development

An example of taking one idea and applying it over several products. The videos show how I can separate a design and change the colouring. Design separation is one of the services I offer as a freelancer.

Surface Design

These designs were all created with wallpaper and fabrics in mind.

Separation and Colouring

Examples of how separation can completely alter the look and feel of a design. Find out more about this service here.

Design Portfolio - Lauren Peploe

About the Artist

Lauren Peploe is a freelance separation artist and interior product designer with a wealth of knowledge in the industry.

Inspired by nature, Lauren’s designs feature an abundance of the flora and fauna in the world around us.

Alongside offering home products and gifts, Lauren also offers a creative design service to help fellow designers bring their ideas to life.