Do you want to elevate your designs to the next level?
My design separation service enables full colour control. As well as the ability to create new colour ways from existing designs. This industry standard process gives you the opportunity to offer your designs in multiple colour ways whilst ensuring full colour management.

Utilise my design separation service to give old designs a new life; enable total colour management alongside supplying print ready files for leading manufacturers.

This process is ideal for all decorative print designs.

A short video showing the design separation process in action using one of my original paintings (available as an A4 print here).

A short video showing how separating a flat image allows me to completely re-vamp the colours of an existing design.

What is Design Separation?

Design separation is an industry standard for the decorative print industry.

Using specialist software (AVA CAD/CAM) I take your flat design and begin by pulling out each colour, along with its tones. Secondly, I put this on to its own layer. Next, this process is then repeated until each colour has its own layer. Finally, once all layers have been created, they sit on top of each other to create a separated version of the original design.

I can supply a fully separated design as both an AVA file as well as a Photoshop file. This allows you the ability to recolour your original design.

Why use Design Separation?

It’s true, you can give the manufacturer a flat file to print. However, using that method means you don’t have control over the colour being printed nor the ability to offer exciting new colourings.

Using my design separation service means you can ensure total colour control when printing. Furthermore, you give yourself the option of creating new colourings using the same design.

Design separation is used across the decorative print industry. This specialist process is predominantly used for wallpaper, fabrics, and flooring. However, any flat image can be re-vamped using separation.

New colourings of existing best-selling paper product designs can be a great way to increase sales and push your design further. Examples of using design separation for paper product designs can be found here in my online shop.

Design separation, alongside my creative design services, allows me to offer you the complete design package. From initial ideas through to manufacturing and marketing, I can work with you from concept to completion.

A short video showing the build up of watercolour separations created for Elizabeth Ockford Ltd.

A short video detailing the build up of Elizabeth Ockford’s Bahama design (found here).

Colour Management

Colour management is crucial for commercial design.

Using a separated design for production means that if a single colour seems a little off, you can change it without affecting the rest of your design. Not only this, but your separated design can also be colour matched to most printers. This ensures full colour control regardless of which manufacturer you use.

Due to the nature of production, and different batches, some print surfaces can be a different colour. With a separated design the manufacturer can account for this beforehand and rematch the colours of the design to look identical to the colouring already approved.

Design Colour Service

Alongside my design separating service, I also offer a colouring service for separated designs.

We can work together remotely to refine your colourings.

Alternatively, I can create colour ways of your design on my own both with and without a brief to work to.

Greeting Card of Illustrated Bugs in Vibrant Colours

Proofing & Production Service

I can also help with the proofing and production of your designs.

With multiple years of experience in the decorative print industry I have had the opportunity to work on-site with many different leading wallpaper printers in Europe. In conclusion, this gives me the experience and knowledge required to offer a proofing and production service for wallpaper and fabric.

Separation Design Service - Image of me during wallpaper production
Design Separation Service - Maund Wallpaper in Production
Design Separation Service - Maund Wallpaper Final Image