Motivational | Affirmation Note Cards - 10 x Mini Postcards to Help Inspire Others - Tonal


A set of 10 x Motivational Mini Postcards with positive affirmation quotes in a soft neutral tone to help inspire others. Whether you want to give yourself a little boost, or you want to help inspire others, these Motivational Mini Postcards are made to put a smile on all faces.

Does your friend need a little reminder of how important they are to you? Do you want to put a smile on a passing stranger’s face? This Motivational Mini Postcards set features ten different motivational quotes to help lift your mood and remind you that you do matter and you have got this.

Size: Approx. 85mm x 55mm (the size of a standard business card)

Paper: 300gsm Matte Card

Colours may vary slightly from on screen due to monitor settings. Please note, all affirmation cards are trimmed by hand to keep the cost down. The final size may be minimally different from the stated size.

The development of these mini postcards is inspire by a combination of: a positive pep talk with a close friend; as well as a daily reminder of the negative news in the world; and an inspiring social media video showing people putting a smile on strangers faces with positive affirmation written notes. After these consecutive events happened, I wondered how I could use my creative skill and love for paper products to help spread more love and positivity into the world.

Learn more about positive affirmations on The Joyful Coach blog here.

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Inspired by nature and botanicals, Lauren’s designs feature the floral and fauna of the world around us. From intricately painted birds and stylised colour pop flowers; to psychedelic coloured mushrooms and traditional botanicals, there’s a design for all nature lovers.

Printing & Packaging:

All mini postcards are printed to order using high quality inks on premium card. The mini postcards are wrapped with a paper band and sent in a hard backed envelope allowing safe transit during delivery. All postcards and packaging should be recycled after use.

About the Artist:

Lauren Peploe is a freelance home interiors designer specialising in surface design and pattern. Alongside producing her own designs, Lauren works with small businesses and solo designers to help bring their ideas to life. |

Social Media:

Find Lauren on Instagram and keep up to date @laurenpeploedesign