Creating marketing assets to help elevate your products.

Through-out my career I have been lucky enough to work in both creative and marketing studios to develop products from initial ideas right through to creating marketing assets and the tools needed for selling. Using my art working skills I have created assets for both print and web showcasing a range of different products.

My multi-disciplined skill set means I can help create the marketing tools you need to sell your products both online and physically. From digitally rendering wallpapers into interiors rooms to creating on brand packaging; I can help with the full marketing design process.

Digital Rendering

I can take your flat wallpaper and product CADs and digitally add them to an interior room showing the customer how the product would look in their home. These renders are incredibly useful tools to show the customer how the wallpaper would look in their home showing both the scale and the atmosphere created when the wallpaper is hung. I have also found that renders help the customer to see how they can decorate with the wallpaper offering interior colour scheme inspiration and ideas.

Brand Packaging and Marketing Materials

Packaging and marketing materials are one of the most important assets for a company. These are generally the first interaction your customer has with your brand, so you need to make an impact. Utilising my art working skills I can help develop on brand packaging and marketing materials such as brochures, social media posts, presentations, catalogues, and other useful selling tools.

Physical and Digital Pattern Books & Brochures

During my time with established, commercial wallpaper businesses I have overseen the production of several wallcovering pattern books. These are intricate projects that involve liaising with the manufacturers of the books, compiling and supplying technical data and using my art working skills to produce lithographs within the books.

The versatility of creative marketing is a process I really enjoy. Contact me on for a chat about how we can create eye-catching assets to help your products sell.

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