Inspiration: Using Positive Affirmations to Promote Positive Thoughts

Recently I've found out about the wonder of positive affirmations. But what are they? How can they benefit you?

What are positive affirmations?

Simply put, positive affirmations are positive phrases or statements used to promote self-love and deter negative thoughts. As a result, repeating these affirmations daily can encourage motivation, positivity and boost your self-respect.  

In essence, positive affirmations repeated daily can combat negative self-thoughts and eventually re-wire your brain into natural positive thinking.  

Positive Affirmations card - You are Wonderful
You are wonderful.
Positive affirmation card.
Positive Affirmations card - I am Unique
I am unique.
Positive affirmation card.
Positive Affirmations card - You've Got This
You've got this.
Positive affirmation card.
Positive Affirmations card - I am Beautiful
I am beautiful.
Positive affirmation card.
Positive Affirmations card - Be Kind to Yourself
Be kind to yourself.
Positive affirmation card.

Powerful positive affirmations

Positive affirmation can be a powerful tool to combat negative thinking. You can find thousands of examples online to try. However, it’s good to remember that every individual is different, so you need to find the right affirmations to suit you. 

Below, you will find a few examples of different daily affirmations to get you started. 


I am powerful. 

I am successful. 

I can achieve anything. 

I can overcome any obstacle. 

I am in charge of me.


I am loved. 

I am worthy. 

I am strong. 

I am confident. 

I am beautiful. 


I can create anything. 

I am the master of my mind. 

I create my own reality. 

I have a purpose. 

I manifest my dreams. 

True self

I can and I will. 

I choose love. 

I am free. 

I create the dream. 

I choose my destiny. 

Personal affirmations & your daily mantra

Positive affirmations are best used every day. You can create your own daily mantras to encourage positivity in your own world. 

In addition to the affirmations mentioned above, you can create your own personal statements. In time, these personal statements can become your daily mantra. 

Top tips for daily mantras

‣ Keep your affirmations simple and clear, you don’t need to over complicate. 

‣ Use the present tense, you are living in the now. 

‣ Stay away from negative wording, keep your affirmations positive. 

‣ Personalise your affirmations, keep your mantra meaningful to you. 

‣ Say your affirmations out loud, this stimulates both the mouth and the ears. 

Positive thinking

Positive affirmations can create positive thinking. The practise of daily mantras is widely accepted and used in phycological theory. 

For example, during my own therapy sessions, the first homework I was given was to start writing one positive statement a day. My therapist explained if I kept this practice up then my brain would naturally start to think in a more positive way.  

If you are interested in learning more about the science behind positive thinking, I would highly recommend this post: 

Positive Daily Affirmation: Is There Science Behind It? – Catherine Moore,

Positive affirmations to inspire others

Affirmations don’t always have to be personal. For instance, if you know someone who needs a little motivational boost, you could send affirmations to them.

In fact, I have created a set of ten motivational affirmation note cards intended to spread positivity and happiness in others.  

These ten motivational positive affirmation note cards have been created to help inspire others. In other words, you can increase positivity and promote happiness of up to ten people in your life with just one pack.

Alternatively, feel free to take the affirmations I have used on my cards and send your loved ones a note today to put a smile on their face.

Positive affirmations for children

Positive affirmations are also beneficial for children. 

Daily affirmations can help children by promoting emotional well-being, reducing anxiety, enhancing self-esteem and confidence, alongside encouraging positive self-talk.  

Learn more about affirmations for children here:

How to Use Positive Affirmations for Kids for Better Wellbeing – Roxanne Wilkins,

Alongside the adult affirmation cards, I have also created a set of ten mini affirmation cards for children. Each card includes a positive statement along with an illustration of an animal with a matching characteristic. 

For example, the “I am important” card includes a drawing of a bee to encourage children to question why a bee is considered important.  

Self-help with positive affirmations

In conclusion, adding positive affirmations to your daily routine could help reduce negative thinking, decrease anxiety, improve your confidence, and promote general positivity.

The practise of daily mantras can help you and your loved ones, of all ages, to feel more positive and heighten self-esteem. 

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