Case Study: Working with Elizabeth Ockford Ltd

Diving into my time spent working with Elizabeth Ockford Ltd. How I worked with Elizabeth to help her embark on a new journey, creating her brand.

Working with Elizabeth Ockford Ltd

During my time working with Elizabeth Ockford Ltd, I helped her to establish her namesake brand.

We worked together to set up each department within the business. This included design development, creative marketing, logistics, and admin. Let’s dive into the highlights… 

I have loved working with Lauren. She is open to my suggestions and also contributes her own. It feels very much like an organic design process – not something that I have found with very many other freelancers.

Her separation work is excellent – she makes my designs very easy to colour beautifully.” – Elizabeth Ockford, owner of Elizabeth Ockford Ltd.

Working with Elizabeth Ockford Ltd - Lifestyle shot of Kitts fish wallpaper
Kitts in aqua interior shot.
Working with Elizabeth Ockford Ltd - Lifestyle shot of Marianne botanical wallpaper
Marianne in noir interior shot.
Working with Elizabeth Ockford Ltd - Lifestyle shot of Horizon Ombre panel
Horizon in deep blue interior shot.

Elizabeth Ockford Ltd: The Islands collection

First, we developed Elizabeth’s debut collection, The Islands. This collection was the perfect way to launch the brand combining an explosion of colour with underwater whimsy.  

Inspired by all things nautical, we created the collection using a range of textures and designs that captured the fluidity of life under the sea. Stylised lobsters coupled with bubble blowing whales, delicate corals as well as semi-plain sandy tones, The Islands offered a splash of the ocean to suit every taste. 

Working with Elizabeth, I worked on this collection from start to finish, from initial concept through to manufacturing and marketing. 

Kitts Fish wallpaper - The Islands collection

Kitts was the first design I work on for Elizabeth Ockford Ltd, in fact it’s still one of my favourites. 

I came across these colour fish whilst browsing through archival illustrations. Nevertheless, I knew they deserved pride of place in their own design. After creating a well-balanced repeat pattern using fish, jellyfish, and shells, I added hand drew bubbles. Finally, I included a zig-zag wave pattern to add movement to the scene. 

Next, the design needed an interior room set to help visually explain the wallpaper. I created digital renders putting the wallpaper into lifestyle shots giving Elizabeth Ockford Ltd selling marketing assets. 

Most importantly, I wanted a lifestyle shot that would help the vibrant colours pop and help the design to sing. In summary, this design was made for boldness, and I wanted to find interior rooms that complemented this. 

Elizabeth Ockford Ltd Kitts Fish in Aqua
Kitts in aqua wallpaper.
Trowbridge Gallery Elizabeth Ockford Kitts Print
Kitts fine art print.
Elizabeth Ockford Ltd Kitts Fish in Cream
Kitts in cream wallpaper.
Trowbridge Gallery Elizabeth Ockford Kitts Print
Kitts fine art print.
Elizabeth Ockford Ltd Kitts Fish in Dark Blue
Kitts in dark blue wallpaper.

Pearl River wallpaper - The Islands collection

The inspiration for this design came from a market research trip with Elizabeth. Inspired by a combination of brightly coloured dishes on a wall, we knew there was an idea forming. 

The difficulty came in using this concept and translating it to suit a nautical collection. In short, I adapted the idea of seeing pockets of riverbeds and banks through circular portholes to create the oriental, bold Pearl River design. 

First, I immersed myself in oriental patterns to find the right feature patterns for the portholes. Second, I chose patterns which could be recoloured and adapted so they could be repeated in the design in a new way. As a result, this added familiarity and interest to the design. Finally, I incorporated these oriental patterns together to create the Pearl River design. 

Elizabeth Ockford Pearl River Wallpaper in Cream
Pearl River in cream wallpaper.
Elizabeth Ockford Pearl River Wallpaper in Emerald
Pearl River in emerald wallpaper.
Elizabeth Ockford Pearl River Wallpaper in Black
Pearl River in black wallpaper.

Elizabeth Ockford Ltd: The Garden collection

The Garden is the second collection created in partnership with Elizabeth Ockford Ltd. In contrast, this collection celebrated English flora and wildlife. The Garden uses a combination of techniques including hand-drawn insects, flowing watercolour florals, and textured backgrounds. Consequently, this creates a romantic collection that reflects the beauty of wild Britain. 

This was a wonderful collection that was inspired by English gardens and historical houses. In turn, it adds a modern twist to traditional design. In brief, I worked on every stage of this collection including initial concept, art-working, separation, manufacturing, marketing and more. 

Marianne wallpaper - The Garden collection

I took inspiration from the fluid shapes and subtle colouring of my original botanical design, Baxter, to create something a little wilder for Marianne. 

Find out more about the Baxter design here.

By blending some of the design and using muted background imagery to add depth and shadow, I was able to turn this design into a moodier take on traditional floral patterns.  

The separation process plays a big role in the development of this design. Using specialist software to separate out the colours of the flat design, I had the ability to manipulate the layers and pull through the atmospheric blacks and purples in the design. 

This design was my initial steppingstone into using separation techniques as part of the development process. Since then, I have used this process many times to create unique designs and colourings. 

Elizabeth Ockford Marianne Floral Wallpaper
Marianne in cream wallpaper.
Elizabeth Ockford Marianne Floral Wallpaper
Marianne in lavender wallpaper.
Elizabeth Ockford Marianne Floral Wallpaper
Marianne in black wallpaper.

Cleo wallpaper - The Garden collection

Cleo wallpaper was a late addition to Elizabeth Ockford Ltd’s The Garden collection. After reviewing the collection, we realised the collection was a beautiful reflection of English flora, however it didn’t capture the abundance of creepy crawlies also native to the UK.  

Similarly, The Garden was missing a simpler design that would pull the designs together and finalise the collection. 

Cleo features a selection of hand-drawn bugs, beetles, and butterflies that you might find in the garden, artfully arranged on a series of block colour backgrounds. As a result, this wallpaper is available in a range of complimentary two-colour designs offering a variety of moods to this design.  

Elizabeth Ockford Cleo Wallpaper
Cleo in teal wallpaper.
Elizabeth Ockford Cleo Wallpaper
Cleo in yellow wallpaper.
Elizabeth Ockford Cleo Wallpaper
Cleo in blue wallpaper.
Elizabeth Ockford Cleo Wallpaper
Cleo in pink wallpaper.
Elizabeth Ockford Cleo Wallpaper
Cleo in black wallpaper.

Elizabeth Ockford Ltd’s watercolours - The Garden collection

The original inspiration for The Garden collection came from a series of watercolour paintings Elizabeth created during the first COVID-19 lockdown. Once back in the office, we began the process of taking her stunning watercolours and turning them into fashionable wallcoverings. 

There are several designs in The Garden collection which use these watercolours. I worked with Elizabeth to create the layout and theme with British flora in mind. In addition to helping with the layout, I separated each of the watercolour designs to achieve maximum colour control.  

Marianne in lavender wallpaper.
Marianne in black wallpaper.

Horizon Ombre wallpaper collection

This third collection is a personal favourite of mine. The small collection consists of six unique colourings of a beautiful Ombre panel. Elizabeth wanted a gradient design which would create a light to dark effect down the wall. I used a combination of Adobe Photoshop and AVA CAD/CAM to create a soft gradient down the three-metre drop.  

Elizabeth Ockford Ltd Horizon Ombre panel in ochre
Horizon panel in ochre.
Elizabeth Ockford Ltd Horizon Ombre panel in pale blue
Horizon panel in pale blue.
Elizabeth Ockford Ltd Horizon Ombre panel in carbon
Horizon panel in carbon.

Elizabeth Ockford Ltd – Wallpaper, fabrics and products

Alongside developing wallpaper with Elizabeth, I also helped to create a variety of products including fabrics, candles, fine art prints, and more. Utilising designs from both collections, we create a series of complementing home interior products.  

Elizabeth Ockford Ltd - Aruba art print on Kitts wallpaper
Aruba fine art print.
Elizabeth Ockford Ltd - Candle with Marianne design
Marianne candle.
Elizabeth Ockford Ltd - Cleo giftwrap in navy
Cleo gift wrap.
Elizabeth Ockford Ltd - Greeting card with Marianne design
Marianne card.
Elizabeth Ockford Ltd - Kitts giftwrap in navy
Kitts gift wrap.

Working with Elizabeth Ockford Ltd

Working alongside Elizabeth Ockford to help establish her brand has given me invaluable experience. This has become the foundation of the services I offer as a freelancer. With strong knowledge of the total lifecycle of products in the decorative print industry, I’m able to offer the complete design package. 

Freelance Creative Services

I have extensive knowledge in developing, manufacturing, and marketing wallpapers, fabrics and products. Alongside experience with a variety of other surface design and pattern projects, using my transferable skills across the creative design industry.

Let’s talk about how my skills can benefit you.

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