Case Study: The Paper Partnership

The beginning of my career as a wallpaper designer and the collections I worked on along the way.

How I became Lauren Peploe, the freelance home interiors designer...

After graduating from DeMontfort University with a degree in Textile Design, I took my first step into the industry and joined The Paper Partnership as an intern. After a short internship in the East Sussex countryside, I was asked to join full-time as a designer. I worked alongside the team at The Paper Partnership for five years, eventually becoming Studio Coordinator for the international brand.

Read the journey behind my first printed wallpapers with The Paper Partnership here.

During my time with The Paper Partnership I worked with four brands within their umbrella:

University of Oxford - Archives II

Archives II is the first wallpaper collection I worked on with The Paper Partnership. As a member of The Paper Partnership design team, I was given access to their archives and asked to create a collection that reflected the substantial history of Oxford as one of the oldest Universities on record.

I created several wallcoverings for this collection, my favourite of which is Natural Curiosities; a striking digital print fit for the most esteemed of professors. The design features a variety of items on shelves that would look at home in any study. I hold a soft spot for the globe design, which was created using a combination of coffee, tea, and ink.

A snapshot of the full Archives II collection can be seen here.

Grandefiore - Lugano

This was an exciting project for which I worked with a team of designers to colour the existing Grandefiore collection using a range of muted colours and natural, earth tones.

The core concept of this collection was coordination. Our team worked together on every piece, ensuring the collection was developed in a complementary and harmonious way. Each piece features a coordinating stripe, pattern, or design that unifies the collection.

It’s an honour to be entrusted with another artist’s designs and I’m grateful for the fundamental learnings I took away from this fantastic and unique project. Working on the Grandefiore collection helped build my skills in coordinating designs and building up textures which could compliment all depths of design.

A snapshot of the full Lugano collection can be seen here.

Elizabeth Ockford - Highbrook

Highbrook was my first collection in partnership with Elizabeth Ockford. Working together, we developed a collection focussing on colour and geometrics, featuring touches of metallics, to create a cosy, homely feel.

This is a bold but warm collection that gave me great insight into the use of colour, particularly how subtle changes in neutral tones can impact a design. We experimented with cool greys and warm beige tones until we found variants of both palettes that complemented the designs and gave the wallcoverings the balance they needed to really make an impact.

A snapshot of the full Highbrook collection can be seen here.

The Paper Partnership - Nucleus

The Nucleus collection gave me the chance to work on something a little different. Rather than creating something from scratch, this project focused on repackaging a collection of existing The Paper Partnership designs to breathe new life into well-loved work.

I pulled together some plain and semi-plain designs, in a range of warm, neutral colours and textures, to create an inspirational pattern book fit for any interior. I had the pleasure of working with the marketing team to create the imagery and packaging for the Nucleus collection, as well as overseeing the creation and manufacturing of the books themselves.

It was a wonderful project that gave me insight into the whole creation process of the book, and taught me that a repurposed design in the right context is just as beautiful as a new one.

A snapshot of the full Nucleus collection can be seen here.

Through-out my time with The Paper Partnership I developed invaluable skills which I’m able to offer now as a freelance creative and consultant. Each collection I worked on gave me new skills to develop.

With Archives II I learnt how to pull a collection together using design styles and colour; Lugano gave me the chance to travel to Europe and run the production for gravure and screen printing on non-woven and vinyl; Highbrook started my professional friendship with Elizabeth Ockford, which has only grown stronger with time; and Nucleus gave me the chance to manage the creation of wallpaper pattern books from initial concept right through to production. 

My time with The Paper Parnership has given me the skills and knowledge required to offer help with interior’s brands in developing their ideas and designs into full collections. 

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