Case Study: Elizabeth Ockford Ltd

A look at my time spent with Elizabeth Ockford helping her to embark on a new journey to create her brand, Elizabeth Ockford Ltd.

Helping to create Elizabeth's debut collection, The Islands...

The Islands was created in partnership with Elizabeth Ockford Ltd to launch her new brand in an explosion of colour and underwater whimsy.

Inspired by all things nautical, we created this collection using a range of textures and designs that capture the fluidity of life under the sea. From stylised lobsters and bubble blowing whales, to delicate corals and semi-plain sandy tones, The Islands offers a splash of the ocean to suit every taste.

Alongside Elizabeth, I worked on this collection from start to finish, from initial concepts through to manufacturing and marketing.

Kitts Wallpaper

Kitts was the first design I worked on for The Islands collection, and still one of my favourites.

I came across these colourful fish whilst browsing through archival illustrations and knew they deserved pride of place in their own design. After creating a repeat pattern using fish, jellyfish, and shells, I hand drew some bubbles and added a zig zag wave pattern to add movement to the scene.

I wanted a backdrop that would help the vibrant colours pop and found a room with autumnal features that showcased Kitts in its nautical entirety. This design was made for boldness and I particularly love how it’s complemented by oranges and pinks.

Kitts is available now, at

Pearl River Wallpaper

The inspiration for this design came from an installation of brightly coloured dishes on a wall that Elizabeth and I saw a few years ago.

You might think that a wall of plates doesn’t translate to a collection of nautical patterns, but we envisioned viewing pockets of riverbeds and banks through the circular, porthole designs. The plate installation also featured oriental elements and bold colours that we wanted to bring to Pearl River.

I immersed myself in oriental design to find the right feature pattern and settled on a large scale format that would create a statement on the wall.

Kitts is available now, at

Developing Elizabeth's second collection, The Garden...

The Garden is my second collection in partnership with Elizabeth Ockford and is a celebration of English flora and wildlife. Using a combination of techniques including hand-drawn bugs, flowing watercolour florals, and textured backgrounds, we created a romantic collection that reflects the beauty of wild Britain.

This was a wonderful collection that was inspired by English gardens and historical houses that adds a modern twist to traditional designs. I worked on every stage of this collection including initial concept, art-working, separation, manufacturing and finally marketing.

Marianne Wallpaper

I took inspiration from the fluid shapes and subtle colouring from my original botanical design, Baxter, to create something a little wilder for Marianne.

By blending some of the design and using muted background imagery to add depth and shadow, I was able to turn this design into a moodier take on traditional floral patterns.

To achieve the dramatic changes in colour for each of the Marianne designs I used specialist design software to create a set of separations. This allowed me to manipulate the layers of colour and pull through the atmospheric blacks and purples you see in the designs.

Looking from different perspectives and using separation techniques to create variants of designs is one of the most exciting stages of wallcovering creation. It allows me to offer several different takes on one original piece of work and create something for all tastes.

Marianne is available now, at

Cleo Wallpaper

Cleo was a late addition to The Garden collection. When reviewing the collection, we realised that The Garden was a beautiful reflection of English flora, however it didn’t quite capture the abundance of creepy crawlies also native to the UK.

We also felt The Garden was missing a simpler design that would pull everything together and  finalise the collection.

Cleo features a selection of hand-drawn bugs, beetles, and butterflies that you might find in the garden,  artfully arranged on a series of plain backgrounds. I chose a range of complimentary two-colour designs to offer a variety of styles to this wallcovering.

Cleo is available now, at

Elizabeth's Watercolours

The Garden collection was inspired by a series of watercolour paintings Elizabeth had created during the first COVID-19 lockdown. Once back in the office, we began the process of taking the stunning watercolours and turning them into wallcoverings.

There are several designs in The Garden collection which use Elizabeth’s watercolours. Elizabeth and I worked together to create the layout and theme, I then separated each design to achieve the maximum colour control.

Elizabeth’s watercolour wallpapers are available now, at

Videos showcasing my separations can be found here.

My career with The Paper Partnership (read more here), then working alongside Elizabeth Ockford to help establish her brand has given me invaluable experience which has become the foundation of the services I offer as a freelancer. 

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Whilst I’m no longer employed by Elizabeth Ockford, I still work with her on a freelance basis as her out-sourced design studio. I help Elizabeth with art-working, separation and more on an ad-hoc basis.

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