Are you looking for a creative artworker?

Through-out my career I have always been the go-to for final design checks. With my eager eye and meticulous checking, I naturally became the art worker alongside the designer. I take pride in my ability to notice that pesky double space in the middle of copy, be the first to notice the slightly wonky frame on the wall or to see that two images don’t complement each other as they need a little extra colour correction.

As an art worker I can offer you help with the full process from conception to final sign-off.

With my range of multi-disciplined skills (found here) I can help with: tidying up and reworking designs; ensuring designs are ready for print or web; re-touching imagery, colour and typography to meet strict guidelines; checking consistencies in copy, colour and design; creating design visuals and mock-ups; and liaising with external printers alongside keeping clear communication with you through-out the full process.

Are you considering seeing your designs on products? My art working skills have led to helping surface pattern designers see their patterns come to life on a range of products including gift-wrap, wallpapers, fabrics, greeting cards, candles, place mats, and more.

Contact me on for a chat about how we can bring your perfectly formatted designs to life.

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